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My name is Rosemarie Jeffers-Palmer, I am a Sydney (Australian) bookbinder. As a mature aged bookbinder and painter I have retired from teaching and commercial bookbinding work but am developing a range of journals and greeting cards that combine my skills as a bookbinder and painter to produce a unique items. My focus is on quality and originality to produce items that are fully handmade, Australian made and combining my skills developed over a lifetime of work.

I will also include my paintings – past and present plus Designer Bindings I have made over the last 20 years.  Common elements unite all my work – including journals and greeting cards.

There is a category for of our bookbinding supplies for the hand bookbinder. I am slowly working on a catalogue of equipment and tools that I will be offering for sale.

If you want a catalogue of bookbinding equipment I have to sell as I downsize my bindery please send me this request and your email address.

Please enjoy my blog! I remind those of you that are not familiar with ‘Blogs’ just touch the image to open it with the full story. Any questions please contact me.

But… what exactly do you do?

I am an artist, bookbinder and tutor based in Sydney, Australia.

Journals and greeting cards

Retiring from teaching and commercial bookbinding work has allowed me to develop hand made items to sell.

I am exploring unique effects that combine my painting background and bookbinding skills. These include Leather wrap journals and greeting cards.

I look forward to sharing with you this new area of work and hope you enjoy my journey. Perhaps even get tempted to purchase a special gift for yourself or a loved one.

I know my friends out there will be happy to let their friends  know about these products.


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Before bookbinding, my first career, and love, was as a painter and art teacher. Early in my career I produced oil paintings then spent many years working in watercolour and currently I work mostly in oils but sometimes both at one time. While I wait for my oil paintings to dry I can continue with watercolours.

I have a fascination with the landscape and the forms and patterns that present themselves to me through it. The subtlety of these shapes often reflecting the ancient culture of the original inhabitants of our ancient land.

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Bookbinding Supplies

Working and teaching as a professional bookbinder meant I needed a wide range of bookbinding supplies both for myself and my bookbinding students.

As part of Amazing Paper I supply bookbinding materials and tools across Australia – all that is necessary for hand bookbinding.

I am available for advice on bookbinding techniques and the correct use of materials.

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In the early 1980’s a trip to Japan exposed me to their culture of bookbinding and paper crafts. Everyone created paper objects. I was inspired.

On my return to Australia I attended the Bookbinding and Restoration TAFE course.

Being a painter I explored decorative techniques with leather covers and endpapers. I created unusual formats and cover treatment. My Designer Books, journals and greeting cards reflect this.

Contact Kevin on – kevin@amazingpaper.com.au or me for details. We can send you a PDF of current journals – am able to occasionally customise a journal.

Enquiries are welcome.


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New handmade Journals and greeting cards plus my paintings and Ember's Mandala drawings and journal.

All the latest artwork, paintings, journals, greeting cards and blog posts.
Embers Mandala drawing to size.at 1280 H
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