New bookbinding paste. URGENT – PRODUCT WITHDRAWN – FAULTY


Addition to blog – 1st October.

After using and testing this new paste we have had to withdraw it from the market. I gradually went thin and watery plus unable to stick.

If you can purchase some Silver Starch Starch at your local supermarket (mine came from IGA) then I can send you a recipe for mixing your own paste. I have used it for years and it is excellent. Long lasting and can be thinned easily. I make it thick.

So disregard this following information regarding the paste.

After some time we now have a good bookbinding paste. It looks like honey in consistency. It is clear and brushes out very easily.

I have tested it on very fine Japanese repair tissue and Japanese thin paper plus, for fun, a piece of bookcloth. A strip of each left dry is seen under each pasted piece. There is no staining and the bond is excellent.

Also for your interest the manufactures specifications for this paste.

I have used a paste to  laminate thin papers with threads and coloured pieces of paper to create interesting decorative panels and end-papers for bookbinding. I show you a couple of images of the book where these translucent papers were used.

Such decorated papers can have many uses of course in many paper crafts. If you want more help to do this please ask. We have the thin Japanese handmade papers that are suitable for this fun laminating.

finally, another helpful tip for your  gluing. I include my jar of PVA with some Cling over the top. This is to stop glue that gets around the top of the jar from gluing the lid on – with such strength  that you have to saw of the top to get to your glue. As the cling gets tatty simply replace it. I only pres the lid on as the cling seals the glue jar. been  doing this for years succesfully.

You can order both our Bookbinding PVA and Starch Paste from Amazing Paper –

Kevin’s phone number is also listed – 0407775789 He is there to assist with orders and information.

The price for a 500ml jar is $24.00 and if you need mail order know  that Kevin packs very securely.

Finally I welcome any enquiries – please use the enquiry page.

Hope you enjoy this new blog post – the first in my new site.




Date: 23 Aug 2020

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