Painted and layered leather technique

 Roughened and layered leather teachnique

This is a new book where I tried a new technique in layering leathers over a painted base piece of leather, roughning them up, adding more layers until I liked the surface effect. It was thanks to an article by Paul Delrue on the technique he called Lacunose.

 This technique excited me because it allowed me to create effects that looked like some of the watercolour techniques I employed when I was painting in the mid 1980’s. My subjects then were semi abstract landscapes exploring the rough and  colourful surfaces of rocky cliffs and eroded soil.

I had fun painting and scratching into the edges to continue the ‘rough’ look that the leather had on the covers.

 The book contains stories about early pioneering work in northern Queensland. It is a  harsh environment and the workers coped with heat, flies, few breaks, poor food and very long days of hard labour.

Hope you like it – I just need to do a lot more work in this technique.

Date: 25 Oct 2010

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