I am now painting again

Sunset reflacted on cliff

Sun reflected on cliffs






Life Giving Forces

Life Giving Force.

I have gone back to painting. I painted quite seriously for the first part of my life then discovered bookbinding.

cycle of Life

Cycle of Life

This meant I had to study bookbinding to become proficient in this demanding and fascinating activity. This took several years and then I was busy honing my skills and enjoying teaching it.

However, there was always the lurking desire to get back to painting some time. I have a lovely painter neighbour and with her prodding I have set up my studio and try to get a session of painting done each day. Life is good when I can paint in the mornings and bookbind in the afternoons.

I share with you some of my watercolours Рthe medium I have enjoyed working in for a long time. My inspiration is generally  nature Рwith some geometric shapes creeping in. I do not control the images too much, let them develop as I respond spontaneously Рif the geometric shapes appear so be it Рwhat they mean I am not sure. Perhaps my desire to link man with nature.

Hope you enjoy this new blog inclusion.

Date: 29 Nov 2017

Recent Work

Tree root spirit and water at 72 and 1280 wide
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Recent Bookbinding Work
2Landscape watercolour – hosrizontal
Sun setting and lighting changing creates a change in mood