After a long time studying and mastering hand bookbinding I now return to my painting interest. I still do some bookbinding but give time to painting and find the exploration greatly fulfilling.
My early works were oil painting but an interest in watercolours developed along the way and I now alternate between both mediums.
Early works explored many approaches as I searched for my style. A love of the unique qualities of the materials used and their application.
Along the way I found I had a continuing fascination for landscape – the forms were abstracted and played with, often geometric shapes appeared, even people like, and the urge to include patterns that presented themselves to me as I worked were also included.
Part of my interest for this ancient land is the sensation of voices and subtle images of the spirits of our trees, cliffs and rivers. All perhaps a reflection of my respect for the original people of this ancient land. They often feel peopled to me.
It is all a matter for me to follow the emotions and suggested forms that come to me as I work.
Hope you enjoy my work.

Recent Work

Tree root spirit and water at 72 and 1280 wide
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Recent Bookbinding Work
2Landscape watercolour – hosrizontal
Sun setting and lighting changing creates a change in mood