Bookbinding tuition changes

Exposed spine binding

Leather straps supporting exposed spine binding

As I am hoping to have knee replacement surgery later this year plus another small procedure next month I have had to cancel all blocks of group classes.

I have a couple of interesting weekend workshops for ‘out-of-town’ groups and I love this as I can concentrate on the tuition side and have the organizers do the other side – getting attendees etc.

There are now several people now enjoying coming to my bindery for personal tuition. It allows me to give dedicated time to tuition and demonstration on a project of choice for the student. They can then do all the labour work at home and have the next class when ready, in most cases a fortnight later.

There is more commercial work coming in so I now can concentrate on and enjoy that also.

Apologise to those of you who where anxious for my special group term length courses but please consider the above options – private tuition or getting a group together (5 or 6 sufficient). If you have any enquiries please email me –

If all goes well, and I have a few weekends free, I will be very happy to offer a few special workshops over the 2 days.

As always I am happy to hear from interested people and I have a long history of teaching many aspects of this interesting craft/activity.

As most of you are aware I am now a sole trader and offer the bookbinding supplies previously available through Amazing Paper. Email me if you want a current price list.

Date: 16 May 2014

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