UNSW Art and Design – Oriental stitching pattern and first 2 days

Queensland seminar about Artists Books 2013                             Points to note concerning Artists Books

Pattern for stitching

Here is the basic pattern for side stitching for your Oriental Side Stitched book.

The first image shown the stitching process which we demonstrate to you in class. The end unit at the tail are completed before the thread is taken to the next sewing point – eg from E to D. Then you progress going around the spine and up to the next sewing point – C. Continue until you reach the top or head for your book then complete that corner pattern.

Final step (second image) is to simply go down the spine, not around the spine, filling in the gaps until you reach E. We will demonstrate how you tie off easily and thread the ends through to the inside of your back cover.

Note we start at the back as this puts the bulk of the tie-off and thread ends at the back thus keeping the front looking smooth.

For our second lesson –

If you have a chance to view this before our second lesson I would ask you to look at the Artists Books section on this blog. It covers the basic stitching pattern for the Oriental side stitching (stub binding) and there a examples of excellent books made by previous COFA (UNSW/ Art and Design) students.

Kevin will prepare a basic kit for you – if you require – containing an Awl, bookbinders needle, 5mts thread and a bonefolder. All other requirements please purchase from the UNSW store – if you need a list of these please email me – rosemarie@sydneybookbinding.com.

You need to bring a range of papers and card you are considering to use for your first project – large sheets are perhaps good as we can check the grain of the paper – important that it is parallel to the spine.

I will have further examples to discuss and we will be making samples of what we are considering as structure, shape, content etc for this first project.

Finally please have a print-out of the course notes – we refer to them all the time to ensure you are clear on the objectives, requirements and how you will be assessed.

Just a little reminder – bring closed in shoes – sneakers or shoes with a top to protect your feet. Have a face washer in a plastic bag in case you need to ‘cool down’ the old fashioned way.

Have cutting mat, craft knife, metal ruler, setsquare plus papers and card to work on for your project. I will bring tools to use if you do not have your own but not the above which you need to purchase – I will have bonefolders, awls, thread and needles to use plus A5 paper and card to make our first sample. I also have pieces of board to spike into which you can keep.

Yes I will bring new bonefoders, needles and awls plus board support for your cutting mat – have 6 only so hope that is sufficient. You can email me this evening if you want one of these giving time for Kevin to cut some more if required. You will need to have the correct cash for me if purchasing during the class – Bonefolder $14.00, Awl $11.75, Needle $1.30, Board support for A3 cutting mat $8.50. Black and white thread per 5 metres $1.70

I will bring the thicker coloured thread which you can order to allow me to bring it to you on Wednesday morning.

I look forward to being with you again tomorrow and to help you get your 1st project on the way.

My email is – rosemarie@sydneybookbinding.com



Date: 8 Mar 2015

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