Ember’s drawings and journal




The first image shows the detailed Mandala drawing Ember creates. We now want to explore ways to create new designs and images based on the Mandala drawing.

The second image shows how by simply cutting through the drawing and placing it over a coloured paper, here red, and gently pulling it apart to reveal a slim red line the drawing can be made very interesting.


These two images show more radical designs still from the original Mandala drawing.

The first one had some shapes from the original drawing cut out and placed on a red sheet of paper. A lot of fun can be had playing around with parts of the original drawing used this way.

The second example shows the introduction of aquarelle pencils gently drawn around some shapes then washed with a wet brush to spread out the colour.

This image is where a  section of the original drawing was made interesting with the application of aquarelle pencil drawn in and washed with a wet brush to both spread it and enhance the shape.

The whole Mandala drawing can be coloured in using the aquarelle pencils and a wet brush. The colours can be gentle allowing the black drawing to dominate or strong and dominating the design so that the black drawing slips into the background.

Again easy to do and creates a lot of potential to enhance the drawing.

Endless variations are possible. Fun and easy to do.


These final images are of the journal I made for Ember where I recreated a part of her Mandala drawing in gold tooling. Both she and I were excited by the result.

You may be interested to know that the word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning circular.

Date: 12 Jul 2022

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