Laminated bookcloth used for wrap style journal

These images are to show you how successful I found it was to laminate 2 pieces of our new cloth bookcloth together to form a fairly stiff piece that was very suitable for a wrap style journal.

I firstly cut out a paper pattern for the wrap cloth measuring it around the number of sections I had prepared. Generally 10 or 12 sections of 3 leaves. We have short grain A4 paper which folds to an A5 section with the correct grain direction.

Correct grain direction is necessary to allow the pages to open in a relaxed curve. If there is any moisture paper expands in the direction of the grain. A4 paper is generally long grain, so when folded the grain direction is vertically, up and down the spine. If it is a glued spine then such sections will expand a little causing buckling and crinkling at the spine. We have all seen books where this happens over time. Cheap books are often made with incorrect grain direction as short grained paper has to be cut at 8 pieces out of a standard large sheet. We specially order short grained A4 paper and only 8 pieces can be cut out.

Back to this book. After measuring the actual size of the piece I cut out 2 pieces of cloth – different colours perhaps. They are glued together with PVA, protected with waxed paper and allowed to dry under weighted boards.

When dry I scores the fold lines and press the over. PerhapsĀ  leave the folded piece under a weight for a little time.

The journal is finished in the same way as if made of leather. As you see mine has marbled papers glued around the text at the front and back. It also has a decorative leather panel glued at the front. The hole and leather thonging is attached through this decorative piece.

I gold blocked my name on the front using hand tools.

The 3 images shown are –

1/ Completed wrap journal with decorative leather closure, titling and thonging tie.

2/ Decorative stitching of the sections through the spine with coloured waxed thread.

Decorative spine stitching

3/ Marbled end papers attached to the first and last section.
Marbled endpaper in bookcloth wrap journal

Date: 13 Jan 2021

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