Paintings being developed

Toned and linear areas are worked on around the centre glow of light

A gentle light fills my grotto of trees. The finished painting.

Textured background created by freely washing colours.

Stage one is the loosely patterned sheet of watercolour paper as shown in the first image.

The next stage is to look at he sheet and start to add darks, linear patterns etc that  begin to suggest a painting that expresses something real to me. In this case it is an important place where I walk. An opening in an area of surrounding trees – my Grotto – where I feel close to nature and even ask nature to heal me. Yes I touch the trees and feel part of this nature.


I generally use some different techniques to create textured, coloured patterning on a watercolour sheet.

While quietly looking at this textured sheet I imagine patterns, gradations of colour and suggested images.

My work is always an abstraction, shapes are suggested and gently worked on until I feel the ’emotion’ of the images appear too me and I gently work to reveal them.  Always looking to balance the darks, colour intensity and textured areas.

It is a journey and the resulting painting may be quite explicate in the suggested images, sometimes encouraging me to see faces and symbols of spirits I sense in nature.

The resulting painting is always a surprise to me – never fully predicted – and only gently realised. You the viewer completes the painting and hopefully enjoys it.

Date: 15 May 2021

Recent Work

Tree root spirit and water at 72 and 1280 wide
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