Sewing sections – French Link Stitch

In this section we will review how we proceed to sew sections using the French Link stitch method over tapes. Note the careful ‘pick-up’ of the thread across the tapes that secure the sewing and create a balanced ‘criss-cross’ of threads that keep the tension eve

          Sections sewn by the French Link stitch with tapes

French. Link Stitch sewn sections. The first image shows the sections sewn according to the French Link Stitch. Here you successfully ‘picked-up” the thread crossing over the tape. This was always the thread that was the opposite side to where you were sewing and of the section underneath the one you were sewing. All was done well Ale – this is just a reminder.

This diagram shows the way we join threads. It is called the Weavers Knot. I cannot find how to trim off the text at the top and side of the image. However the pictures below are photographs of me creating this knot that allows you to join thread. Do this on the inside of a section as near to the section fold as possible. When you continue sewing you will be able to pull the sewing thread firmly and continue sewing as usual.

Weavers Knot to join thread

Weavers Knot used to join thread

These three images show how to make the weavers knot.  1] Loosely wind the new thread around your finger.  2/ Gently slip it off and feed the thread in from the back to the front forming a ‘hang-mans noose’. Keep it open. 3/ Feed the end of he old thread – where you want to join the new thread. Slide the knot down to the base of the old thread and pull the noose tightly closed around this old thread. Give a pull to make sure the thread is joined securely. You can now thread this new thread and continue sewing.

Alex this image is to show you how to do the kettle stitch at the end of each section. It is a simple locking step to hold the sections secure. I was unable to trim it down to only show the diagram but I am sure that will not be a problem to you.

This blog post should give you a reminder of the steps taken in sewing sections. The most important is the Weavers Knot – the method of joining threads. Practice this away from your book firstly – it is quite easy and very secure.

Just come back to me if you require further assistance.

See you next Thursday.


Date: 29 May 2021

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