Tuesday – sample covers for Longstitch

I will have small pieces of board and cloth so that we can do a sample of how to cut and create hinges allowing you to have side covers and a spine area – the format for your larger Longstitch book.

So cutting and gluing, yes corners to be neatly done, you also  need to sand the outside edge of your covers Рtop, bottom and front plus the actual corners.

We will then have card pieces to pierce holes into so that we can understand the stitching process. Some folded bits of paper will allow us to actually stitch in some sections.

I will bring thread, board, cloth and sandpaper for you to use.

Longstitch spine

Longstitch spines



Longstitch spine - even number of stitches

Longstitch spine - even number of stitches

Longstitch sample card

Longstitch sample card

Date: 15 Jan 2018

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